Christiansen Tree Service provides outstanding tree trimming and pruning for the Lincoln Nebraska and Southeastern Nebraska area at an affordable price.

Topping your tree can be a harmful practice and might destroy a tree all together. Many homeowners do not know how to determine the best way to care for the different species on their land. Most people feel that the primary purpose of topping a tree is to reduce its size, however it can stress trees and makes them vulnerable to insects, disease and infestation. This can cause decay and can lead to sun scald where the tree will splinter, canker, and branches can die. Topping can create hazards, such as shoots prone to breaking and in windy conditions can destroy what is below. An alternative to this is to let a professional arborist determine what type of pruning is necessary to increase the health and safety of your tree.

Every client of ours is taken care of from the initial call and consultations through the actual trimming and pruning of your trees.  Our Arborist carefully inspects your trees to determine which branches need to come down due to damage, disease or infection.  We also inspect your tree to insure that it is safe around your home or building.

We are well versed in all tree trimming and pruning techniques.  Regardless of if you have a cottonwood, ash, oak or evergreen, Christiansen Tree Service is the right company for the job.